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Best Online UCAT Preparation Course: 6 Compared

Best Online UCAT Preparation Course: 6 Compared

Updated on: December 3, 2023
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Written By Dr Ollie

Every article is fact-checked by a medical professional. However, inaccuracies may still persist.

What’s the best online UCAT preparation course available today? There are just so many available!

From the giants of the game who’ve been around for years, to the more recent offerings from smaller start-ups.

Today we’re going to run through six of the most popular, picking out the pros and cons of each to help you decide if you want to invest in one.

The Medic Portal’s Online UCAT Course

The Medic Portal2021 DataStar Rating
Price£120 for 6 weeks⭐
Hours of Video ContentOver 20⭐⭐⭐
Question Bank SizeUnknownN/A

The Medic Portal certainly know a thing or two about getting people into medical school.

With arguably the most extensive application guide on the net, they’ve been coaching prospective medical students since 2014.

Their services include a UCAT question bank, UCAT tutoring and both in-person and online UCAT preparation courses.

The online course is what we’re going to be focusing on today.

They currently sell it as a package with their UCAT question bank.

This package gives you unlimited access to their UCAT question bank and over 20 hours of fully interactive UCAT teaching.

The software The Medic Portal use to deliver their course runs smoothly and allows you to answer questions throughout each lesson.

Overall, the content is taught well with detailed explanations, delivered in a professional manner.

You can check the latest price on their course page here.


  • Season pass to their online question bank included
  • TMP are veterans with extensive UCAT coaching experience
  • Lots of interactive video content covering all the major topics


  • One of the more expensive courses on the market
  • No extension packages available if you need more time
  • Some topics could be covered more extensively

Kaplan (Self-Study UCAT Program)

Kaplan2021 DataStar Rating
Hours of Video Content15⭐⭐
Question Bank Size6,900+⭐⭐

Kaplan are giants in the test prep game.

They help over 2.1 million people in over 36 countries prepare for more than 120 different tests.

Their UCAT online course is slightly different from the others on this list.

Their UCAT course is sold as a self-study program.

All that means is you buy their book ‘Score Higher on the UCAT’ that is then bundled with a unique code for access to their extensive online UCAT resources.

By having both their book and online resources, you’ll have access to:

  • 2 practice tests in the book
  • 10 additional full-length practice tests online
  • 16 section tests
  • 30 quizzes
  • 6,900+ practice questions in their UCAT question bank
  • 15 hours of video lessons
  • An accompanying UCAT Strategy eBook

Now you can’t really argue that’s not value for money!

Kaplan’s course is arguably more strategic in nature compared to The Medic Portal’s.

The content covers tips and tricks to save time and tactically answer questions, as opposed to simply teaching the theory around a topic.

However, Kaplan’s learning platform is considerably slower than The Medic Portal’s and their lessons have no opportunity for interaction.

It’s this lack of opportunity to practice and minimal number of examples that just slightly brings down Kaplan’s course.

Although it seems to have been designed a while ago, the subject matters remains excellent and is delivered through clear and detailed teaching.

One final bonus with the Kaplan course is that they run a free live UCAT channel.

Run from their website, it’s where you can get extra UCAT lessons from Kaplan experts, live.

You can check the latest price on their course page here.


  • Excellent range and quantity of different resources
  • Live UCAT channel through their website for extra help
  • Important strategies are taught as opposed to just theory


  • No interactivity when taking the online course
  • The delivery platform can be a bit slow and laggy
  • No option to just buy the lessons without the book

Medify – Online UCAT Preparation

Medify2021 DataStar Rating
Price£50 for 8 weeks⭐⭐⭐
Hours of Video Content50+⭐⭐⭐
Question Bank Size20,000+⭐⭐⭐

Medify has the largest online UCAT question bank on the market.

It’s also the most popular, with 2 in 3 students preparing for the UCAT using its services.

Does it deserve this popularity?

I think so.

Out of the online UCAT preparation courses we’ve looked at so far, for the cheapest price you undoubtedly get the most bang for your buck.

Medify’s platform boasts:

  • 20,000+ questions
  • 50+ hours of video tutorials
  • 180+ UCAT text tutorials
  • 21 full mocks
  • 40+ mini-mocks
  • Customisable quizzes
  • UCATSEN support

Just like The Medic Portal, Medify sell their online UCAT course as a package with their question bank.

You can even get all the above for just £35 for one week’s access.

Indeed, the flexibility of Medify’s plans are certainly a strength of their offerings.

They sell everything from one week to a full season pass, with extension passes available if you decide to delay your exam to revise more.

Another strength would undoubtedly be the analytics available on your Medify dashboard.

Here you can track your performance from practice sessions, both against yourself and others who use the platform.

By tracking each subsection individually, you’re able to concentrate on improving each sub-test and even particular question types that you’re struggling on.

Finally, a vital part of preparation for the UCAT is accurate simulation- and Medify nail this. Their platform recreates the test screen and all keyboard shortcuts available to you in the real thing perfectly.

You can check the latest price on their course page here.


  • Largest question bank on the market with the most content
  • Excellent analytics of your performance during revision
  • Incredible value for money with flexible pricing options


  • Some questions seem too easy- especially in the VR section
  • Comparison to other users might not always be helpful
  • Not as many Decision Making questions as the other sections

Medic Mind’s ‘UCAT Online’ Preparation Course

Medic Mind2021 DataStar Rating
Price£69 for the season⭐⭐
Hours of Video ContentUnknownN/A
Question Bank Size4000+⭐

Medic Mind is a company that was originally set up by medical students, primarily aimed at tutoring.

However, after rapid growth and success they’ve expanded into other offerings such as their online UCAT preparation course.

Their course has over one hundred UCAT tutorials, each one a recorded video lesson with one of their experienced tutors.

One standout feature of Medic Mind’s UCAT package is that they regularly run UCAT webinars, live classes and interactive sessions.

This gives you access to their highly skilled tutors so you can learn live, while being able to ask any specific questions you might have.

Another nice touch is their base price automatically gives you access to the question bank and tutorials for the season- no running out of access time before your exam!

You can check the latest price on their course page here.


  • Regular live sessions with their team of experienced tutors
  • Full season access comes as standard with their base price
  • Lessons are incredibly clear and well presented


  • Considerably smaller question bank than competitors’
  • No option to pay for shorter access times for a cheaper price
  • Video lessons are of high quality but could be more extensive

The MSAG – Online UCAT Preparation

The MSAG2021 DataStar Rating
Price£60 for the season⭐⭐⭐
Hours of Video Content7⭐
Question Bank Size10,000+⭐⭐

The MSAG (Medical School Application Guide) have one completely unique feature of their online UCAT preparation course…

It’s all available completely free on YouTube!

That’s right, and no it wasn’t bootlegged, it’s totally legit and available here.

It used to be sold separately, but The MSAG have released it to seemingly put all their focus on their question bank.

When you buy access to their question bank the online course is still included, it’s just you can also access it through YouTube.

You can get a season’s pass to their question bank for £60- very reasonable compared to their competitors.

Although seemingly in its nascent stages, The MSAG are rapidly growing their question bank size.

They currently have over 10,000 questions in the bank, but I suspect this will grow significantly with time.

The MSAG’s unique selling point is they state they have the only UCAT question bank designed to improve your speed as a primary outcome of progress.

This is most noticeable through their highly sophisticated analytics.

Through their question portal you can see a scatter plot of your timings across all the questions you do in each section.

Another really cool feature is a graph that monitors your time lost in questions you got wrong.

This could be an invaluable tool in honing in your exam technique.

You can check the latest price on their course page here.


  • Sophisticated analytics aimed at improving your test speed
  • Fair size question bank that will likely rapidly grow in time
  • Video lessons are free and available to all on YouTube!


  • Relatively small number of video tutorials available
  • Their question bank is still currently smaller than Medify
  • Due to rapid growth, questions may be of variable quality

6Med’s UCAT Online Masterclass

6Med2021 DataStar Rating
Hours of Video Content7+⭐
Question Bank SizeN/AN/A

6Med is a medical admissions company co-founded by Ali Abdaal of YouTube stardom.

They have a number of different products aimed at preparing students for the UCAT:

  • A question bank (UCAT Ninja)
  • A one-day live revision course (UCAT Crash Course)
  • One-to-one UCAT tutoring (Super-Sensei)
  • An online UCAT preparation course (UCAT Digital Masterclass)

For this comparison I’m only going to be considering the UCAT Digital Masterclass.

Unlike competitors, as far as I can tell 6Med don’t include access to their question bank with the Masterclass.

The Masterclass itself is 7 hours of video tutorials, spanning over 65 separate videos.

While I have no doubt these lessons are of excellent quality, I think the Digital Masterclass is slightly let down with no provision for practice through the question bank.

6Med do offer a bundle deal, with all the services mentioned above (apart from the tutoring) but this comes in at £249.

I think this bundle would likely provide very well rounded preparation, however it’s unfortunate not more of it is included with the online course.

You can check the latest price on their course page here.


  • Very well designed slides with clear delivery
  • Easily understood explanations of theory and strategies
  • Course can be bought at a discount with 6Med’s bundle deal


  • No access to a question bank for practicing new theory learnt
  • Relatively expensive for the amount of content you get
  • Somewhat short course that doesn’t go into great depth

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are some excellent offerings if you’re in the market for an online UCAT preparation course.

Each provider seems to have their individual strengths and weaknesses to their product.

For example, The Medic Portal’s automatic season pass to their question bank, coupled with their extensive tutoring experience is sure to put you in an excellent position when it comes to test day.

Kaplan’s combination of both book, eBook, and online resources is great for being able to revise when away from a computer, on your phone, or just to mix it up.

The MSAG are certainly one to watch with a rapidly growing question bank and well designed platform, clearly looking to compete with some of the more established companies in the space.

However, overall I think the crown still rests with Medify.

They simply have an unrivalled amount of high-quality content at an unbeatable price.

The platform runs smoothly and provides you with invaluable data regarding your performance.

I really don’t think you’ll go far wrong with any of the online UCAT preparation courses in this article… and who’s to say you have to limit yourself to just one!

This was not a sponsored post, but I certainly owe Medify something as they helped me achieve an average score of over 800 per section when I took the UCAT back in 2014!

About the author
After studying medicine at the University of Leicester, Dr Ollie now works as a junior doctor in London. His interests include medical education and expedition medicine, as well as having a strong belief in the importance of widening access to medicine.