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Updated on: December 9, 2023
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Written By Dr Ollie

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I’ve researched all the major UCAT preparation websites to put together this list of free UCAT questions available online.

It’s well known that the best way to prepare for the UCAT is by doing practice questions.

And lots of them.

You can achieve this either by signing up to a paid UCAT question bank, or you can knit together all the different free UCAT questions available around the web.

I personally signed up to a question bank when I took the UCAT back in 2014. But, there weren’t nearly as many free resources available back then.

Official UCAT Website

Number of free questions1,700+
Number of full mocks4
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The number one resource for your preparation should be the official UCAT website.

This is the single most accurate preparation tool you can use for the UCAT- as it’s written by the exact same people who write your actual exam.

Even paid-for question banks aren’t as good as the free questions on the UCAT’s website.

However, the only problem with them is that in the grand scheme of things, there aren’t that many of them.

A screenshot of the official UCAT website

The UCAT Consortium does provide over 850 practice questions in addition to 4 full mocks.

But, I’d suggest a solid preparation plan should cover way more questions.

Because of their high-quality but relatively scarcity, I’d recommend saving at least some of the official UCAT questions and mocks until the final run-up to your exam.

This will let you gauge yourself against the most accurate test prep materials just before the big day.

For the majority of your revision, I’d recommend making use of some of the other resources on this list.


Number of free questions3,000+
Number of full mocks3
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

PassMedicine absolutely blew me away with their free UCAT questions.

PassMedicine is primarily known for their question banks that help medical students and doctors revise for their exams.

However, they’ve now branched out to help medicine applicants with the UCAT as well.

I used PassMedicine throughout medical school and it is a brilliant platform.

It’s normally a paid service, so I wonder if their UCAT question bank is only free while they’re getting it fully set-up.

Either way, I’d take advantage of it while you can!

Their question bank has over 3,000 questions in it, including 3 full mock exams.

Screenshot of the PassMedicine UCAT platform

The PassMedicine online UCAT interface is highly accurate to the real exam, making it an excellent revision tool.

One great feature of the tool is you’re able to see exactly how your scores compared to other candidates using the platform.

This means you can build up an accurate picture of where you are in comparison to an average score as well as help predict your real results.

Medic Mind

Number of free questions1,000+
Number of full mocks2
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Medic Mind are primarily a tutoring company that also have some great free UCAT resources.

They’ve got over 1,000 questions available on their website for free, in addition to a paid question bank.

Handily, the practice questions are divided into sub-question types within each section.

So, if you want to you can practice just tax questions from the Quantitative Reasoning section for example.

Medic Mind practice UCAT tests available on their website

They’ve also got links to quite a few UCAT tutorials that they’ve put up on their YouTube channel if you want to brush up on some of the theory.

The two full mocks are delivered through a sleek looking platform that replicates almost all of the official UCAT keyboard shortcuts.

Their review screens are also highly detailed, letting you see exactly how you compare to an average of all their users.

Your score is also handily converted into a percentage of how many students you performed better than, letting you get an idea of where you might sit in terms of UCAT percentiles.


Number of free questions2000+
Number of full mocks0
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐⭐

Medistudents boast an AI-powered, adaptive UCAT question bank to help students prepare for the exam.

It is normally a paid-for service but they offer a generous free trial to the platform with access to over 2,000 questions.

With an account, you can get a free 2-day subscription to the service that logs you into the full Medistudents dashboard.

The interface is minimalist and sleek, making it very enjoyable to use, but I do feel like while it’s aesthetically pleasing to use it does lose a bit of realism.

The Medistudents UCAT platform

Instead of aiming to replicate the genuine UCAT interface, Medistudents have gone with their own design and question layout.

This takes nothing away from the content of the questions, that all seem to be well written, but does subtract from the overall preparation experience.

In my opinion, the best way to prepare for the UCAT is to replicate exam day conditions as accurately as you can- so it will all feel completely natural for when you’re doing the real thing.

I think using a separate keyboard, concentrating without listening to music and practicing on an exam platform that looks like what you’ll be faced with on the day will all ultimately pay dividends.

Unfortunately you don’t have access to any full mocks with the free trial, but with such a large number of free questions I can’t not recommend signing up.


Number of free questions1700+
Number of full mocks0
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐

i-medics is a company that aims to “do for doctors what the NHS did for patients.”

What this essentially translates to is offering free medical question banks for doctors and those looking to become doctors.

True to their word, their UCAT question bank is entirely free to access and includes over 2,000 practice questions.

While this is a great opportunity to get some free practice questions in, it does fall slightly short of many of the other resources on this list.

The questions generally are of good quality, but every screen has a very large advert for another of i-medics’ services or products placed on it.

A screenshot of the i-medics free UCAT question bank

This, in combination with a less realistic question platform, really acts to reduce some of the realism of using their website for UCAT preparation.

However, you can’t really complain with over 2,000 completely free questions!

I-medics also have a ‘game mode’ that lets you compete against other students using the platform for number of questions answered, percentage correct and total score.

If you feel that you could do with a bit more guidance when using the platform, i-medics sell a video course as an add-on to their free question bank.

UCAT Masterclass

Number of free questions400
Number of free mocks1
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐

UCAT Masterclass is another online question bank that offers access to free questions as a limited trial of the product.

You get 400 free questions, including a full mock, but I did discover you can unfortunately only take the mock once… so be careful when you choose to do it and don’t quit halfway through!

UCAT Masterclass works in partnership with Matrix Education, an Australian tutoring company.

One of my favourite things about the platform was the theory lessons they include with the question bank.

These are text-based lessons that go through all the relevant techniques for tackling different question types, including interactive quiz questions dotted throughout the lessons.

A theory lesson on Venn diagrams in the UCAT

In the free trial you unfortunately don’t get access to all the theory lessons, but just enough to get a taste of what they offer.

The UCAT Masterclass interface is sleek, but again, in a similar vein to Medistudents, I can’t help but feel that an extra 1% in UCAT preparation can be gained by using a platform that mirrors the real exam platform as closely as possible.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, and it looks great, but they have slightly changed how the exam screens are laid out.

I’d go through all the theory lessons available to you on the free trial as well as taking advantage of the complete mock offered.


Number of free questions280
Number of full mocks1
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐

Next up is Medentry, which is another Australian company dedicated to getting students into medical school.

The free trial of their UCAT question bank only allows you to tackle 20 questions before it locks.

But, you do get access to one full ‘diagnostic’ mock.

This uses the Medentry online UCAT platform which does a great job of mirroring the real UCAT interface, including all the correct shortcuts.

The thing that impressed me most about the Medentry platform however was the review mode.

The Medentry UCAT question bank’s review mode

Every single question has an explanation as to the correct answer when going over your exam results, in addition to the ability to record notes against each question for your future revision.

You can also see your question timing compared to the average for all users.

Medentry also include some interesting elements in their question bank, not available with most other platforms.

For example, there’s a calendar to countdown to your exam date, a live events tab to attend one of their live UCAT workshops and a ‘skills trainer’ area where you can practice specific skills such as recognising distractor shapes in Abstract Reasoning.

Most of these features aren’t available or particularly useful through the free trial, but I could imagine they would be helpful on a paid plan.


Number of free questions245
Number of full mocks0
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐⭐

The MSAG was founded by Dr Dibah Jiva and helps with pretty much everything to do with the medicine application process.

As with the other question banks on the list, you’re able to get a trial to access a small proportion of the questions for free.

I thought the MSAG training platform was well laid out, with clear navigation to whatever part of UCAT prep you wanted to get to.

The MSAG also include some video lessons with the question bank, but I sometimes found them to be a bit hard to watch.

The MSAG’s UCAT Dashboard

All the content is good and the techniques are sound, but the delivery from the presenters can often be slightly stilted which means the lessons don’t always flow very naturally.

As for the UCAT interface itself, they’ve done a great job developing the platform that has a clean, easy-to-use appearance and is even mobile-friendly.

Although as a free trial user, you won’t have a huge amount of data to feed the software, all the analytics appear really easy to use and understand.

Overall, it’s a great platform but just needs access to a few more free questions to gain more stars.

The Medic Portal

Number of free questions99
Number of full mocks0
Question deliveryOnline UCAT simulator
Overall rating⭐⭐

The Medic Portal is possibly the best-established medical admissions company in the UK.

However, despite this, their free UCAT question offering is pretty meagre.

They only offer a total of 99 free questions, with that figure including a 39-question free practice test.

Their online question bank is well-designed, fully-functional, and appears very similar to every other platform that aims to mirror the official UCAT exam.

A screenshot of The Medic Portal’s UCAT platform

Now, it may just have been because I was using the free trial of their question bank, but the analytics offered by The Medic Portal didn’t seem anywhere near as advanced as that of the MSAG or Medic Mind.

You could see an average score for users and your total score, but there weren’t any of the graphs or timing analyses offered by some of the other providers.

The Medic Portal boasts that every single question in their question bank was written by a doctor- which is pretty impressive and goes a long way to assuring the quality of questions included.

If you’re looking for a few more questions to do I’d definitely whizz through the 99 questions offered but I can’t say The Medic Portal would be the first website I’d turn to, due to this very limited number, if I was looking to try and avoid paying for a question bank.

Blackstone Tutors

Number of free questions65
Number of full mocks0
Question deliveryPDF worksheets
Overall rating

Finally, when researching free UCAT questions I came across Blackstone Tutors’ page.

Blackstone Tutors are heavyweights in the UCAT preparation game, having been helping students get into medical school long before many of the other companies on this list were even formed.

They specialise in private tuition but do also offer an online UCAT course as well as an intensive, one-day UCAT seminar.

Understandably, because they don’t have their own question bank to run a free trial through, Blackstone Tutors’ UCAT questions are simply delivered in PDF format.

Free UCAT practice questions available on the Blackstone Tutors’ website

Although this works, and is essentially the same as using a UCAT book to prepare, it loses a lot of the realism of revising with an online UCAT platform.

In order to try and get you to buy one of their packages, Blackstone Tutors also only offer free access to questions for three of the five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

To get their questions for Decision Making and Situational Judgement, you have to sign up to one of their UCAT courses.

With only 65 questions available in total, you might as well download the PDFs for some light practice, but it’s in no way going to be sufficient for any meaningful revision.

Final Thoughts

Through researching this article, I was truly impressed with what’s out there totally for free.

If you’re strapped for cash, I definitely think you could give preparing for the UCAT a good run without spending a penny.

However, for such an important exam, if you can afford to, I personally wouldn’t risk it.

I think investing in an online UCAT question bank or course could be some of the best money you’ll ever spend.

Whether you choose to stick to just free UCAT questions, or splash out on a premium question bank, best of luck on test day!

About the author
After studying medicine at the University of Leicester, Dr Ollie now works as a junior doctor in London. His interests include medical education and expedition medicine, as well as having a strong belief in the importance of widening access to medicine.